Monday, November 29, 2010

Life of humanity

This world holds the key to ultimate surrender
Through death and rebirth we can find our way
The temptations that drive us to sin against one another
Are the only way to be truly be called human

    With absolute pain through love
    We fight the darkness that we have
    Allowed to cloud our conscience
    Embracing hate we lose before
    We begin to resist

The dream always ends before we wake
As our fantasies are denied we await
Their fulfillment within the next life
So our lives add up to the lies we have created

    With the end within our own making
    We deprive the next generation of our mistakes
    Through judgments based on petty half-truths
    Condemning our children is all to easy

The paradise sought by so many has come to be
A world where acts of reactions have allowed man
To fill the space of his created god(s)
So now man has achieved immortality through
The manipulation of its own self

    Now the future is predetermined by us
    No longer the prophesy of the blind will  
    Cause our species to degrade the truth
    Time will forever be on armageddon's side  
    Only the beginning can finally set us free

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Humanity"s Salvation

Through infinite contradictions we deny our innocence
Basking in the afterglow of the destruction of another life
We make atonements by wrapping it all in a pretty bow
The consequences we inflicts on ourselves are just
Another form of self-worship

    So we swallow another bitter wholesome lie
    And drift off to sleep dreaming of another death
    But thoughts of malice surround our efforts to be alive
    With a simple page turn we find new ways to kill

Life now is just an excuse to ensure the downfall of reason
Petty ideas of conformity leads to bliss and surrender of hope
With a knife to our throats we embrace the lie and smile
 Crossing our broken fingers to ensure our own defeat so
Maybe then our pity we have an outlet

    Self-induced  love awakens our resolve to lose
    With an inkling of our unknown suicide our
    Truths give us commands to hold off the beginning
    So the end will allow us to build a better asylum

Death the great sleep. The one thing we all strive for
Through our awkward attempts at normalcy we escape life
And embrace the afterthought of endless sequences of time
We are tired. We are broken. We are alone. We are not human.
As extraterrestrials we inhabit the spaces in between growth and decay

    This world is the beginning of the existence of doubt and guilt
    We have allowed our own species to devolve into perfection
    Lies hold the tattered remnants of facts. Only our dreams hold the belief
    That through trial and error redemption can truly be restored

    Salvation by the blade is our only trusted friend
    With our own bloodshed we can achieve god hood
    For immortality holds the key to our demise
    The only  true action we deserve

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The induced destiny

This nightmare we’ve embraced, we made our only existence
That over the darkened horizon, the unknown, is to frightening
To seek out and face. This fragile balance between what we know
And fear has shaped our future. Self imposed doom is fast approaching
Can we defeat our fears, in time to save ourselves?

    The darkness has become our guardian
    We’ve refused to seek out the light
    Alone. Our future is set to be our undoing

The pain of our known demise has allowed us to cripple ourselves
We have broken away from pursuing our destiny.

Humanity's Twilight

We have given upon ourselves the means to make our fate our own
With massacres and genocides we have cemented our place in the pantheon
Of the very gods we have labored to construct in our own flawed image
So as we forcefully replace them we demand their eternal worship and praise

    For we’ve grown tired of hanging on the edge of death or submission
    We’ll crave out our own fate with broken bloody fingers
    No longer will a dead forgotten deity of the past hold us back
    With the yoke of slavery from being more than conscripts of death

 With our once empty minds filled now filled with delusional dreams
Of forever happiness has slacked our lust of testing the limits of being human
And with a broken grip on an ever changing future we enlist our greatest ally
The ability to lie to ourselves in order to save tomorrow from yesterday
    The delusions have been replaced with empty thoughts from our
    Collective broken consciousness and a shattered hope that this
    World will shed tears for a species of ignorant force fed destructors
    Even with our knowledge and power our fate is the one we’ve been given

Oblivion never looked so promising
We’re on our way to infinity