Saturday, November 20, 2010

Humanity's Twilight

We have given upon ourselves the means to make our fate our own
With massacres and genocides we have cemented our place in the pantheon
Of the very gods we have labored to construct in our own flawed image
So as we forcefully replace them we demand their eternal worship and praise

    For we’ve grown tired of hanging on the edge of death or submission
    We’ll crave out our own fate with broken bloody fingers
    No longer will a dead forgotten deity of the past hold us back
    With the yoke of slavery from being more than conscripts of death

 With our once empty minds filled now filled with delusional dreams
Of forever happiness has slacked our lust of testing the limits of being human
And with a broken grip on an ever changing future we enlist our greatest ally
The ability to lie to ourselves in order to save tomorrow from yesterday
    The delusions have been replaced with empty thoughts from our
    Collective broken consciousness and a shattered hope that this
    World will shed tears for a species of ignorant force fed destructors
    Even with our knowledge and power our fate is the one we’ve been given

Oblivion never looked so promising
We’re on our way to infinity 

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